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Contemporary semi formal wedding wear for

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Posted on: 06/06/18

  Its important to look good for your special day since your fiance will have eyes only for you. Thats why its crucial to know a little bit about formal wear etiquette when choosing tuxedos for weddings. You want the day to be the best it possibly can be for you and your bride, and collecting a little knowledge about tuxedos for weddings and formal wear in general will show just how much you appreciate that special woman in your life.

  Of course, choosing tuxedos for weddings isnt as challenging as the task a bride has in choosing a wedding dress. There may be many options for guys, but the ladies will have countless more options to go through before reaching a final decision. Basically, you need to know your size, how formal the wedding will be and your personal preferences.

  While its important to know the basics before either buying or renting tuxedos for weddings, you also need to be aware of the rules of what to wear and when. Skilled sales associates at quality formal wear shops are able to provide you with confident styling solutions by helping you get the best suit for you and the type of Grill gloves wedding youre having. But it never hurts to have a little bit of knowledge about tuxedos for weddings even before you set foot in a store.

  Tuxedos for weddings and other formal events consist of the basics: jacket, pants and accessories. But there are a variety of styles in these basics that can make the selection confusing. For example, do you want something more traditional or contemporary? Is your wedding formal or semi formal? Will it be held during the day or in the evening?

  Daytime weddings are considered those before 6 pm. For traditional formal, you can wear a gray tuxedo with matching striped gray trousers. The shirt should be in the style of white wing collar or white lay down collar and your shoes should be smooth, kid style black. You can even wear gray gloves or a top hat should you choose. For contemporary formal, you can wear a tuxedo in a variety of colors as long as it flatters the overall theme of your wedding. Choose a matching jacket, crisp white shirt and matching plain black shoes. While youll probably wear an ascot with traditional formal, for contemporary formal youll probably wear a bow tie that matches a vest or cummerbund.

  Choosing tuxedos for weddings that are semi formal and during the day requires a slightly different style. For traditional, go with a black or charcoal tux jacket and gray striped trousers. Wear a white pleated lay down shirt with a collar that can accommodate a four in hand tie. Black smooth to shoes are essential and you have the option to wear gray gloves.

  Contemporary semi formal wedding wear for guys involves a matching jacket and trousers in your choice of color. Choose a flattering vest or cummerbund in a shade that looks good with the color of your tux. Youll also want a bow tie and a quality pair of shiny black shoes with no adornments or detailing.


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