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Outside drains can get blocked from leaves

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Posted on: 06/13/18

. But often they don't deal with the problem permanently, and they may leave your pipes full of toxins. Put down some towels round the toilet, get a bucket and scoop out water from the bowl, but be careful to leave some Flame-retardant heat resistant gloves in there for the next stage. Long downpipes can be difficult to deal with - you'll need a long rod to push stuff out. If hair is the problem then wire from a coat hanger should do the trick and get it out.

  Like most daunting tasks, clearing out drains is more straightforward than you think. Again, leave a little water as this gives the plunger suction and cover overflow holes to improve the pressure further. If not then don't be tempted to keep flushing as this may cause the toilet bowl to overflow. And get covers for drainage holes so that large objects can't fall in and block things up. But ignore it at your peril - next thing you know you could be paying a drainage specialist to solve your problems. Anything else should be binned - you can get scented bin liners if bad odours linger. The tip of the auger is rather like a corkscrew and is designed to screw into and either break up or attach itself to the obstruction. This is placed into the toilet and then turned clockwise. If you can see the culprit, put on rubber gloves and get it out. He may well need to detach the toilet from the drainage system, deal with the problem and then reattach the toilet. Its all very well polishing the mantelpiece and hovering behind the sofa, but do you dare sort out your drains? This is the kind of job most people dread and ignore. Then get a toilet plunger and plunge repeatedly - the water you've left will create the necessary suction. If it attaches you should then be able to pull it out.

  You can help cut down on problems with underground drains by setting your household some rules about what goes down plug holes and toilets.

  Maintenance of drains and a few house rules may be tedious and unexciting, but they will save you a whole lot of hassle.Spring is in the air, and no doubt everything needs a good clean. Put redundant cooking fat in containers in the bin and compost or bin food matter rather than rinsing it off in the sink. He may well dismantle the piping to get to the blockage and then put things back together.

  If the toilet plunger gets you nowhere then your next step should be to get a toilet auger. A homemade solution is one part baking soda mixed with three parts boiling water.

  Outside drains can get blocked from leaves and other debris so clear out gutters and drainage holes, especially after Autumn.

  The process is very similar for blocked sinks and bath and shower drains. But don't see this as defeat! It's much better to get a blocked drain, pipes or toilet sorted out than to let it fester - things will get worse rather than better if you ignore it. It may take several attempts to remove a blockage, so keep going


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